Kitamu Latham Sampier Kitamu Latham Sampier

About Me

I’m an illustrator based out of Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been drawing since age 5 and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. My interests are in subjects like subcultural and international themes, legends, mythology and different eras. Creating Art was always been and will always be my first love, but creating worlds or my characters to live within is another, that is my true passion. Regardless of where life leads me, I plan to do what I love. Because I can’t see being happy doing anything else.

God Bless and Imagination Fuels Creation!!


Completed May 2010
Savannah College of Art and Design  Location: Savannah, Georgia
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

Attended from September 2001 to March 2007
Los Angeles Trade Technical College  Location: Los Angeles, California
Major: Visual Communications


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
(Acrylic, Watercolor)
(Markers, color pencil)


Digiting Painting
Character Design
Creative Writing
Traditional Painting
Illustration work with other mixed media

Workshops Attended:

BUA: Essential Drawing Skills
4 week Workshop by Justin Bua
BUA Studios
811 Traction Ave. Suite 2A
Los Angeles, Ca. 90013

Conducted by Durwin Talon
EA Games Directed Collaboration
Savannah College of Art and Design

Projects (previous and current):

2010 - Current
Title: Black Women Horror Anthology Client: Ripley Barnes - Illustrator
2016 - Current
Title: Moving Day Client: Debi HaydenBook - Illustration
2013 - Current
Title: Foot Notes Client: SEM Inspirationals - Illustrator
Title: Popstar Booty Camp Client:Carol Johnstone - Logo Design
Title:The Dancer In Me Client: Stephanie Butler Adams - Book Illustration
2012 - current
Title:FreshPrints Client:Coy Guy - Freelance - Graphic Designer
Title: Dark Valentine Magazine Client: Illustrator - 2 issues - Illustrator
Client: St. James AME Church - Graphic Design - Stain Glass Window